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Zitat der Woche

"The glass in the French window shattered. The guests screamed. Over the general exclamation could be heard the shrill shriek of Madam St Clair, wife of the ambassador 'Ciel! Mes bijoux!'

Phyrne Fisher stood quietly and groped for a cigarette lighter. So far the evening had been tedious. After the strenuous preparations for what was admittedly the social event of the year, the dinner had been a culinary masterpiece - but the conversation had been boring. She had been placed between a retired Indian Colonel ad an amateur cricketer. The Colonel had confined himself to a few suitable comments on the food but Bobby could recite his bowling figures for each county match for two years - and did. Then the lights had gone out and the window had smashed. Anything that interrupted the Wisden of the Country House matches was a good thing, thought Phryne and found the lighter."

Kerry Greenwood 'Miss Phryne Fisher Investigates' '